Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Yo Yo Honey Singh to be jailed?


Famous Punjabi singer Honey Singh may face imprisonment for 3 years if he is found guilty in a case regarding "vulgar lyrics" of his songs.Punjab government on Tuesday received rap on its knuckles from the Punjab and Haryana high court for not taking any action against Punjabi rapper Honey Singh, who is in storm of controversy for singing lewd (vulgar) song. High Court summoned the Honey Singh to respond to the allegations hurled against him by one Uttar Pradesh IPS officer Amitabh Thakur.

The petitioner filed FIR against Singh accusing him for singing song full of "obscene" and anti-women remarks.The IPS officer was quoted as saying, "The lyrics of his songs are vulgar and obscene. One song is called 'Mai hoon balatkari (I'm rapist)'. limits of decency are being violated by such songs. Lucknow police sources informed that FIR against the singer was lodged in Gomti Nagar police station under sections 292, 293 and 294 of the IPC which are related to obHoney Singhscenity offences.

The matter had reached before the HC through a public interest litigation (PIL) filed by NGO called HELP of Nawanshar in Punjab seeking directions to set up some effective mechanism for curbing the menace of obscene/vulgar/lewd songs from the state of Punjab. PIL filed through advocate H C Arora had submitted that all limits of decency are being violated by such songs. Arora referred to provisions of section 294 of Indian Penal code (IPC), according to which singing of lewd/ obscene songs at public places is an offence.

Earlier concert of Honey Singh on New Year eve in a hotel in Gurgaon was cancelled following an online protest against his songs. Also in recent times Jassi Jasraj (Karan Jasbir) strongly raised his voice against the vulgarity and eroticism prevailing in Punjabi music. He protested against the Honey Singh for his vulgar lyrics and videos and called him ‘the king of vulgarity’. Later on Istari Jagrati manch has joined the campaign against many singers who sang vulgar songs.

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