Saturday, April 13, 2013

Dilbar Singh- 'The Gas man'


You might be surprised that a village in Punjab has underground sewerage system, a separate rainwater drainage system and an bio-gas plant which is supplying gas for 75 household . Yes it is true. Thanks to the vision of NRI Dilbar Singh and his family, the village situated on the banks of the Sutlej River, Bahadurpur village, a hamlet of 75 households in Ropar.

The Union Ministry of Rural Development has awarded village for the Nirmal Gram Puraskar. Dilbar Singh runs a transport company in Dubai and during a visit to Italy he decided to rebuild the narrow and sludge filled streets of his village. “My idea was to create an ideal village with all modern civic amenities. Unconditional support from the villagers helped me achieve that objective,” he says.Dilbar Singh

Sarpanch Ajmer Singh says when the work began, villagers willingly knocked down the walls of their houses to pave the way for wider streets. Except for two cattle yards, all other yards have been moved to the periphery of the village.Even the sewerage pipes have been dumped into three acres of village land from where the water collected is distributed for village farmers to cultivate their lands.

“We don’t want to pollute the Sutlej River with sewage and hence decided to use fallow land for the purpose,” Dilbar Singh added.

In his recents development, in dairy farm he is able to produce 7 quental of milk every day. Even he is utilizing cattle waste to produce biogas. With this gas, whole village is in benefit.

Due to all his development is Dilbar Singh now days know as The Gas Man.

Here are few vidoes explaining details of his developments

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  1. I want to built this type of gas plant at home please guide me.

  2. I, Ajay also want to develop such plant for my village at M.P. My village have around 50 houses and there are around 160 cattles..plz reply at

  3. You can reach man in video on his mobile number per video he is willing to help.He Lives in village Bahadurpur in Distt. Ropar, Punjab..