Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Protest Against Vulgar Singing


In Recent times "Istri Jagriti Manch", is quite actively protesting against ''vulgar and sleazy'' songs churned out by a number of Punjabi singers. Keeping up the momentum of their campaign they protested against terming the songs by Honey Singh and Diljit Singh as ''denigration of womanhood,''. They also staged a demonstration outside the Phagwara residence of Punjabi Singer Geeta Jaildar ,against his objectionable songs derogatory to the honour of women. They threatened to intensify their struggle, if the singer did not stop to present vulgarity.


It is to mention here that the agitation was sparked by Punjabi Singer Daljit's song "Pandran Saal ton Ghat" (song referred to girl below the age of 15 years) in which vulgar and objectionable comments were passed against girls. It also sparked a hot conversation between Jassi Jasraj and Honey Singh.Vulgar-SingingDinesh of Speed Records, which recently released Jazzy B and Honey Singh's song also facing flak for vulgarity.but later on Speed Records had apologized and pledged to avoid vulgarity after activists protested outside its office. Like this Many Other Punjabi Singers Like Miss Pooja, Jazzy B, Gippy Grewal, Preet Harpal, Deep Money and many more has faced protest against Vulgarity and some of them have express their apologies too.

As a Critic "Romanticism has always been there in Punjabi folk and other popular songs", but Amar Singh Chamkila had crossed the line and started openly using double-entendres. After his killing, no Punjabi singer sang any vulgar song for around a decade. Critics also say many Punjabi songs depict women as "mere enjoyment objects".

IJM leader Gurbax Kaur Sangha blamed these singers for polluting the culture of Punjab by damaging public morality and cultural values of Punjab. She accused Central and State governments for indirectly promoting such sort of singing.

She warned that if music companies and Punjabi singers fail to stop vulgar and objectionable songs this movement shall take sharp turn. Hundreds of women participated in the protest. The Protesters alleged that a legislation prohibiting indecent representation of women was passed in 1986, but nothing could be implemented till now even after 26 years.

Also Cricket Harbhajan Singh has urged to all punjabi Singers and Lyrics writter to avoid vulgarity in their creations. Here is the complete message.

There has been few steps taken by Punjab Government and Punjabi University  Like

Punjabi University has  boycott singers who promote vulgarity and show women in poor light. University's Punjabi language department has already urged the university administration to ban the shooting of movies and videos of songs of such singers on the varsity campus.Students of University blacked out Punjabi singers known for spreading vulgarity, during the varsity’s annual fete” The decision to boycott the singers had reportedly been taken by the management committee of the festival and students adhered to it.

The outrage over vulgarity has also prompted the Punjab government to set up a censor board to screen their content. Cultural affairs minister Sarwan Singh Phillaur has mooted the proposal in August last year. Also, Punjab transport minister Ajit Singh Kohar had banned drivers from playing "vulgar and provocative songs" in state-run transport buses to prevent accidents in November.

"The Whole objective is to screen the content shown in such videos besides lyrics so that the censored content reaches the public,"

So far All these movement  fail to stop vulgar and objectionable songs r at least reduce it. Moreover Singers are getting media publicity and their songs on video-sharing sites getting millions of hits. It is not effective because we all are equally responsible. For an instant all of us listen/watch such material in every movement, in bus/car (while commuting from office/work), Canteen/Cafeteria (during Lunch or Tea breaks), At Home and last but not least on mobile/laptop. Moreover sometimes we promote it by sharing on Social Media sites or with Friends. So We cannot simply blame Singers and Lyrics writers for such vulgarity,we all have share in it.

In your opinion what measures should be taken to remove Vulgarity, not only from Songs/videos but from whole Punjabi Culture.


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