Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Kabaddi World Cup 2012 Results


Kabaddi World Cup 2012 has been started with full excitement. We will bring you scorecard and videos for all all matches. Here is Scorecard for 3rd Kabaddi World Cup 2012. Click Here to view Kabaddi World Cup 2012 Point Table

2nd DecEnglandEngland vs Denmark58 - 25Click Here
2nd DecNorwayNew Zealand vs Norway52 - 35Click Here
3rd DecIranArgentine Vs Iran70 - 18Click Here
3rd DecItalyItaly Vs Scotland66 - 19Click Here
3rd DecPakistanPakistan Vs Sierra Leone55 - 12Click Here
4th DecUSAArgentina Vs USA55 - 12Click Here
4th DecIranIran Vs Kenya79 - 15Click Here
4th DecPakistanPakistan Vs Scotland61 - 21Click Here
5th DecDenmarkDenmark Vs Afghanistan61 - 21Click Here
5th DecDenmarkDenmark Vs Canada (Women)47 - 16Click Here
5th DecIndiaIndia Vs England57 - 28Click Here
6th DecCanadaCanada Vs New Zealand57 - 28Click Here
6th DecIndiaIndia Vs Denmark (Women)60 - 17Click Here
6th DecUSATurkmenistan Vs USA (Women)44 - 27Click Here
6th DecIndiaIndia Vs Afghanistan73 - 24Click Here
7th DecArgentinaArgentina vs Kenya55 - 43Click Here
7th DecMalaysiaUSA vs Malaysia (Women)47 - 18Click Here
7th DecIranUSA vs Iran45 - 41Click Here
8th DecSierra LeoneScotland Vs Sierra Leone 73 - 24Click Here
8th Dec EnglandUSA Vs England (Women) 50 - 28Click Here
8th Dec Pakistan Italy Vs Pakistan 66 - 20Click Here
9th Dec Canada Canada vs Norway 46 - 36Click Here
9th Dec Malaysia England vs Malaysia (Women) 38 - 29Click Here
9th Dec India India vs Canada (Women) 62 - 16Click Here
10th Dec Italy Italy Vs Sierra Leone 56 - 37Click Here
10th Dec USA USA vs Kenya 75 - 16Click Here
10th Dec England England vs Turkmenistan (Women) 63 - 11Click Here
11th Dec England England vs Afghanistan 64 - 21Click Here
11th Dec Malaysia Malaysia vs Turkmenistan (Women) 39 - 29Click Here
11th Dec IndiaIndia vs Denmark 73 - 28Click Here
12th Dec Malaysia Malaysia vs Denmark (Women)41 - 25Click Here
12th Dec Pakistan Pakistan Vs Canada 53 - 27Click Here
12th Dec India India Vs England (Women) 56 - 7Click Here
12th Dec India India Vs Iran 71 - 23Click Here
13th Dec Denmark England Vs Denmark(Women) 36 - 28Click Here
13th Dec Canada Canada vs Iran 51 - 35Click Here
15th Dec India India Vs Malasiya (Women) 72 - 12Click Here
15th Dec India Vs PakistanClick Here

Kabaddi-World Cup 2102 We will keep updating this post with upcoming results and links to view recorded videos. So keep Visiting..


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