Monday, February 6, 2012

Bolloywood's Top 15 Villain


They are the meanest creatures ever born on this planet. They are the pain in the arse of our Bollywood heroes and have some of the most badass lines; lines which make them immortal. Sometimes these villains are so badass that they own the movie, and the hero becomes just a mere character. Of course, in Bollywood terms and conditions, the hero always wins, but from the audience perspective, the hero might have won the battle, but lost the war. Here are top 15 villains collected from different sources.

1.Amrish Puri (Mogambo) 2.Amjad Khan (Gabbar) 3. Danny (Kancha Cheena) 4. Anupam Kher (Dr. Dang) 5. Pran (Sher Khan) 6. Ranjeet 7. Ashutosh Rana(Gokul Pandit) 8. Kulbhushan Kharbanda (Shaakaal) 9. Shakti Kapoor 10. Gulshan Grover (BAD MAN) 11. Nana Patekar (Anna) 12. Manoj Bajpayee 13. Ajit (Loin) 14. Paresh Rawail 15. Sadashiv Amrapurkar

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Villain of the 40s - Zamindaar, the landlord, whose haveli was the centre of crime. He, with the connivance of the Munshi grabbed poor man’s land, gold and violated his woman’s izzat.

Villain of the 50s – Zamindar moved to the cities, got license, paid bribes, this newly emerging capitalist did not like the middle class idealism and stood against socialism.

Villain of the 60s - He was the hoarder, black marketer, rich capitalist, enemy of all social values.

Villain of the 70s - With rapid urbanisation and growing disparity, the smuggler came and raised a gang to grow in stature and power.

Villain of the 80s - The nexus between politician, criminal and the government machinery. To counter this multi- armed villain, the concept of ‘personal justice’ was introduced

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