Sunday, January 15, 2012

PPP Supplementary Vision 2017


Few days back Peoples Party of Punjab has released their 100 day plan for Punjab if their form Govt. in Punjab. Many Political Parties have not come up with positive and Target Oriented programs to harness Skills and Resources of Punjab in its people, NRIs and to attract Central Programs, Corporate and FDI, PPP (Peoples Party of Punjab) Vision 2017 is proposed. So PPP comes up with Vision instead of Manifesto.

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The Main Goals of PPP Supplementary Manifesto for Five Years are –
1.     To Double Farmers Real Income, Regain No.1 rank in India.
2.     To ensure Water in Punjab is Clean, Canal Water Flows in each Block and Ground Water is recharged and water table is within 10-20 meters.
3.     100% Electrified Railway Network operating EMUs & Fast Trains connecting Chandigarh and all District Headquarters.
4.     Improve Quality of Education to No.1 Rank in India.
5.     Promote Farmers own food processing Industries.
6.     Promote MSMEs in cities at Focal Points and Industrial Centers Upgraded.
7.     Promote Export Oriented High Tech Industries, R&D Centers and Clusters, NRI to bring latest technologies. Regain No.1 status in Industry.
8.     PSEB shall provide Optical Fiber Network on transmission power lines to engage surplus staff. Energy efficiency and Uninterrupted supply.
9.     Improve Highways to International Standards for safety and efficiency.
10.    100 Super Specialty Hospitals promoted by Eminent Doctors. Engage 1000 Specialists.
11.    Community Kitchens for poor and aged in every community and village cooperatives for Retail & Purchase of essential commodities of ISI quality at lowest prices.
12.  Free to Air Punjab DTH and Cable Network.

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