Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Boycott drug supplier candidate in Elections


Punjab Assembly Elections are here one more time at Punjab’s doorsteps. In the spirit of “freedom,” there will be candidates and party propagandists from the parties in power and aspiring for power, selling their new slogans and others repackaging or coining new phrases to sell the old ones, all in the hopes of getting our votes and becoming elected in the 2012 Elections. The voter, on the other hand, is also getting smarter and shrewder if not totally fatigued and frustrated over this seasonal drama recurring every 5 years since 1952. The voter is expected to look and listen more carefully this year before casting his or her vote.

In elections (not only in Punjab) allover India Many candidates  distribute alcohal and drugs to voter for their votes. Although Election Commission of India (ECI) is keeping eye on such activities and taking neccessary action punish such bad candidates. Click here to read ECI instructions for all candidates to follow during their election campaign.

Already 70% Punjab is addicted to drugs. This Video explains every thing in details.

Foreseeing Possible large-scale smuggling of drugs during the upcoming Assembly elections in Punjab , the Election Commission asked the narcotics department to increase surveillance  and sanitise borders.
The Commission, according to sources, during its recent tour to Punjab was requested by the representatives of various political parties to ensure a curb on smuggling and illegal transport of the 'poppy husk' which is used to prepare a variety of contraband products.
But distribution of drugs should be stopped completely. Such measures from ECI, will be more effective if all of us support and inform ECI or NCB officals. Now it is time to be aware of it and take preventive steps to stop it. If it is not taken seriously then our future is in real danger. Also we should awaken our Parents or relatives for "not to vote" for such candidates.

If you find such activities around, you can report to nearest Election Commission officer. Click here to get contact details of Election Commission officer for your area.

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  1. It is totally unacceptable what the politicians have done to the once great state of Punjab. Shame on India and its long term plan to harm Punjabis.

  2. well said..please use your vote judicially..